Datum 2020-09-30
Artikeltyp News

New presentation for DISTRHEAT

The recent findings of the DISTRHEAT project will be presented at the 6th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems, which will be held on 6-7 October 2020 as an online event.

The work, entitled “Enabling smart control by optimal management of the State of Charge of district heating network”, has been co-authored by Costanza Saletti, Prof. Mirko Morini and Prof. Agostino Gambarotta from University of Parma and by Dr. Nathan Zimmerman and Prof. Konstantinos Kyprianidis from Mälardalen University and is the result of the fruitful collaboration between the two partners.

It presents the development of a smart controller for large-scale district heating systems based on Model Predictive Control and its application to a simulator of the Västerås network. The controller achieves thermal peak shaving and reduction in distribution temperature by optimizing the heat supplied to the connected end-users and exploiting their heat capacity as thermal storage. This advanced solution improves the overall network management and reduces the need of switching on the backup boilers. These promising outcomes will be further investigated in future DISTRHEAT activities.

The video of the presentation, performed by Costanza Saletti, will be available to all registered attendees on the Conference platform from 2 to 8 October 2020:

https://smartenergysystems.eu/ External link.